Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Driven To Drink, They Meet Their Maker

From the unapologetically mortal Pharyngula comes this delightful story, "Dispute over God leaves two dead." They drank an insane amount of pure alcohol, argued about the existence of God, and set to murdering each other. How very... Russian. Somebody call Dostoevsky.

PZ Myers asks, "So did the atheist win, or the believer?"

"Does it even matter in a grim cold universe, where we're all doomed to eke out a futile existence until we die, where we're either meaningless sputterings of a few pounds of electrified meat, or the serfs of immense beings who will snuff us out painfully, slowly, eternally and with casual disregard if we fail to properly praise them incessantly? Does anything matter? The snow falls. It will cover us all."