Wednesday, March 30, 2011

O noes! Not our next possible leader!

From Feministing, we see that the far-right life apologists are co-opting the visage of our vaguely pro-choice president in their latest billboard advertising atrocity.

Every 21 minutes??? What about the trillions upon trillions of hapless Spermatazoan-Americans that are cruelly suffocated in socks or latex all the damn time? Aren't they all also our next possible leaders?

What's more, the billboard is targeted in Obama's political home of Chicago, and is part of the ridiculous campaign that is clearly meant to stir up the phantasm of a black holocaust, such as this one which the poor, black neighborhoods in Milwaukee are subjected to as well:

Here's a great article on that issue. Basically, yes , of course black women are more likely to get abortions than white women. That's because they're far more likely to get pregnant, even though they're not more likely to have sex. This is because they also tend to live in communities that are poorer, they have less access to accurate information about sex, less access to contraceptives, and less access to health care in general. They're also less likely to be able to financially support a child. So yes, of course you're going to see higher abortion rates there, too, as a result of the constrained choices faced by these women. But look at that billboard, and the others cited above in that link - the implication of the marketing campaign is that this situation is not simply an emergent phenomenon that arises out of a highly stratified industrial-capitalist economic system rife with structural racism, but rather that it is an intentional conspiracy of a government controlled by left-wing crypto-racists bent on the annihilation of the black population! Never mind that the Dems are the only party to ever do anything that benefits poor and minority communities, that's just an insidious way to cover up their real agenda of genocide. It's the radical fundamentalist Religious Right that truly have the best interests of black America at heart, reeeaaaaaally it is!