Monday, September 24, 2007

Pointing the Pink Pistol

Thank the gods! Well, at least Ares and Apohrodite, who can now agree on the latest fashion accessory for girls available at Gander Mountain in Waukesha, according to this Journal-Sentinel article. Guns! Now girls can kill too!

From the article: "Females want to shoot guns, but they want them to look pretty, too... guys could give a rat's butt what their gun looks like." Wha? Guys totally care about the sexiness of their piece. The article is way off. Nobody wants something like the Grasshopper from Men In Black.

From Where I Sit chimes in, saying nothing.

I thought killing was a distinctively masculine trait, but it turns out the lesser sex can do something beside just nurture life... blast holes in it!

W000, America.

And unrelatedly, here's a good bit of zombie sci-fi I discovered. Well, not totally unrelatedly... the Somalian girls with the assault rifles are pretty bad-ass, and I couldn't help but imagine them with phallic pink blunderbusses.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Vladimir Putin? More like, Stupidimir Putzface!

Seriously, Russia thinks it's a good idea to give out prizes for having babies? Cars and refrigerators are your solution to population optimization? Go back to Baba Mat for more advice, you morons.

There's a nice bit on voluntary population control over at Pandagon.

A Swiftian v.p.c. strategy is discovered by the intrepid folks at Ectoplasmosis. A child-burger and chips for around 3 bucks! Can't beat that.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mmm... Crepusculicious

nipped from the gorgeous Stone Parliament of Art.

also, recently I became aware that some old friends of mine decided they would throw together a design firm, and it looks like they've come up with some pretty nifty stuff, such as this graphic for a gun-control campaign... of course, the campaign is ludicrous; we need way more guns, accessible to everyone, if we're ever going to blast ourselves into extinction.