Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Precocious Youth

Ah, the precociousness of today's youth! My heart swells with pride at the human condition when I hear stories like this. Back in the olden days, people had to grow up, develop muscle mass, harbor seeds of hatred, and learn to strategize before they could really try murdering each other. But with today's modern labor-saving technologies, now even a weakling 3-year old female has a "shot" at the glorious blessings of Khorne. I say she is the chosen one, and with her first perforated abdomen as a good omen, she should be crowned as the new empress-for-life of the NRA, and her wisdom should be spread by the institution of a "Young-Guns" program to teach more toddlers how to blow each other away... for God, Guns, and Glory!

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