Monday, August 17, 2009

we need Death Panels

According to Right Reborn, "At a recent townhall meeting on healthcare, Obama gave his word... that he wouldn’t be 'pulling the plug on grandma.' Simply stating I promise not to kill anybody certainly isn’t the best approach to winning friends and influencing people."

Correct. He should be promising to kill people. A death panel is the fairest, most efficient way of determining who dies first. Why is it getting all this bad press? It's a brilliant idea, at least in its misconstrued right-wing version. We should be eliminating those who are past the prime of their usefulness to society, they are a drain just like those on welfare, who we should also terminate. All of this won't do much good, however, unless we also significantly ratchet up our program of aborting fetuses, which is the only way to keep the population under control. Eventually, we can create of list of serial birthers for the death panel's consideration - Octomom (tm), you're first up against the wall!

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