Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Uterus: Serial Killer

Lots of absurd pro-life policy gambits in the news lately, ever since the reactionary crypto-values-voters (code-name: Tea Party) swept the country last November.

Exhibit A: Representative Bobby Franklin of Georgia has proposed a bill that would allow for the police to investigate all cases of miscarriage, to make sure they were natural (and not felony murder). Daily Kos says, "Just because SCOTUS can't define when life begins, doesn't mean that GA can't, since we all know it begins at conception. Because some idiot like him, who graduated from a damned Bible college and who isn't a lawyer, obviously knows more about constitutional law than the Supreme Court." The folks over at Feministe are suggesting that ladies mail documentary evidence of their menstrual cycle to Mr. Franklin, to aid in his investigations.

Exhibit B: South Dakota, and now Nebraska, have bills proposed to categorize the murder of abortion providers, or the murder of anyone in the course of trying to save a fetus, as "justifiable homicide." This would essentially authorize and protect vigilante executions, which is unprecedented.

Exhibit C: the ridiculous group, Live Action, is waging a PR war on Planned Parenthood, alleging they're secretly operating a child prostitution ring. It seems to me that the logical implication of their assault on Planned Parenthood's funding, which they market as being intended to "protect women and girls," would in fact justify and encourage the patriarchal notion that women are the property of men, and that women ought to be pregnant at all times - that it is the duty of men to make sure any non-pregnant woman becomes so ASAP, using any means necessary. Since human life is the primary "good" in these lunatics' moral schema, then any situation is morally bad to the extent that new human life is not being maximized. In other words, rape away, gentlemen, you are doing the Lord's work.

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