Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Laugh Zone

From Total Drek comes the preview for this gem, The Life Zone, which a commenter describes as "like being fired out of a cannon into a sea of mindfuckery."

So the girls are imprisoned in a hospital until they give birth, and are indoctrinated by "The Jailer" and a woman called Dr. Wise with pro-life propaganda for 7 months. One tries to induce a miscarriage but fails. Then we find out this is some kind of Dante-esque, medieval purgatory, and the girls are all dead, having died on the operating table of an abortionist. They are here to receive a second chance to repent and join the side of goodness/life. Two do but the third, who once again tries to abort her pregnancy, must spend eternity in Hell with Dr. Wise (who, while she didn't have an abortion per se, did "abort" her god-given duty to have children, by working so hard that she didn't take care of her body and became barren, resulting in her marriage falling apart and her eventual suicide. Get it? Because women who work outside the home might as well be dead, and are damned for eternity!).

So, ya know, go have some babies.

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